Obvious Office Party Outfit

Hannah Rankine Hannah Rankine Black and WhiteHannah Rankine Hannah RankineHannah Rankine Hannah Rankine and Polar Bear Hannah Rankine

This is the first of three posts looking at dressing in December, so look out for a couple more looks and even a Christmas penguin! If you haven’t had yours already then this will be the week you have your office Christmas party. Having seen a number of company outings at my local pub on the weekend I don’t think that the world needs anymore tight lace mini-dresses. This classic cut wrap dress is from Zara and the green colour is fabulously festive, if not a little obvious. If we can’t dress with a dash of predictability at this time of year, when can we? So take inspiration from your Christmas tree, the ornamental polar bear or your mince pie and brandy butter (!?). Just be warned to keep the accessories and make up simple to keep it obvious but not OTT. I wish you all the best for your post-Christmas-do hangover.


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