New Year’s Eve Masquerade Style


Hannah Rankine Champagne Hannah Rankine New Years Eve Hannah Rankine Masquerade Hannah Rankine Hannah Rankine Hannah Rankine

Hannah Rankine mask

This isn’t the first time that my New Year’s Eve plans have involved wearing a mask. I envisaged re-buying the black one I wore 4 years prior. Obviously the shop didn’t have exactly the same stock 48 months later (who’d have guessed) but that didn’t stop me buying shoes for the event based on my memory of the previous mask. The shoes are life changing shoes, though. See them in previous post, here. So with shoes and a mask I figured out the rest of my outfit. And so it ended up including a full length striking black skirt, with sexy split up the back (ooh la la, well it is NYE!) and bought-the-day-of white tee shirt plus choker both from Topshop. For someone who doesn’t wear much make up day to day, if any, I enjoyed applying the slap on seeing as it was a special occasion. You can see said glee in the first picture as I prepare to start painting. I thought my mask was feline like. My niece corrected my cat-woman fantasies and said it is a fox. You know, the animal that dines from rubbish bins.


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