The Happiness Hunt

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These aren’t New Years Resolutions but relevant goals for me with associative imagery.

1. To go to sleep 2 nights a week with my laptop already turned off. This technology addiction has got back out of hand and while I love watching Gossip Girl re-runs or catching up on Real Housewives of wherever it is not good for the quality of my 8 hours.

2. Not to get caught out in the bad weather ill prepared. Cold Hannah = Grumpy Hannah.

3. To make the effort and to go out of my way to see my friends. Sometimes after a long day in the city you just want to go home and have some sofa time, but this is not as rewarding as a good catch up and a hearty laugh. Therefore despite the city grind I will get back on that overcrowded tube and come and see you girlfriends!

4. Read more. Read more real stuff.

5. Be super kind to my skin. I developed bad skin in my early 20s and it took me so many attempts using different methods to get rid of it. The secret to my success ended up being a home made remedy that I now use daily. To compensate for the tough time my skin has had I want to make sure it is treated the best it possibly can be so that includes: lots of water, SPF, minimal make up and moisturising.

6. To not be lazy but to own when I’m tired and not to burn the candle at both ends.

7.  I am going to kick-start my exercise regime again with what I love and what I enjoy, not what I cook up in some unrealistic Victoria’s Secret model dream.

8. Take lots of, and then even more, photos both for me, my love of photography and for my blog.

All images from Tumblr, except the first one is from


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