Frosty Sunlight


Frosty Winter Day Frosty Winter Day HanJanRanFrosty Winter Day Frosty Winter Day

HanJanRanFrosty Winter Day Frosty Winter DayHanJanRanFrosty Winter Day

Yesterday was the most beautiful balance of sunshine and frost, cold and brightness. A truly beautiful Winter’s day during a month full of hope for spring, and wishful expectations for the rest of the year. The seasons get later and later here, it is more likely that we can watch out for snow in February than daffodils. Nevertheless finally the days are getting longer, I can start to hope that I will wake up after the sun has risen.

This week I posted about my 8 personal goals. Read about them here. So far it is going really well. I went for my first run of the year yesterday which is when I had the opportunity to see all the majestic frost. I went back out afterwards and took lots of photographs. I also made the effort to travel over an hour to see a girlfriend for a catch up. I have gone to sleep a number of times without leaving the light of my laptop still showing Blair and Serena’s antics. The only one I haven’t achieved since that post is reading more so I will focus on that next week.

Just because it’s cold don’t let that stop you from enjoying the stunning outdoors. Wrap up, get out and have a wonderful January. I hope you’ve still got the hopeful excitement in your belly that only the first month of the year can prompt.

White shirt: Uniqlo here

Scarf: Isabel Marant here


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