Take me down to Paradise City


IMG_0977 IMG_0979


On the weekend there’s nothing I love more than not getting on a train or a tube. After a busy week in the heart of London, which I am mostly grateful for I work in a beautiful part of town, it is refreshing to have a break from the madness and enjoy other parts of our capital. I am appreciative to live in a beautiful part of London where I have the quaintness and beauty of a village but the convenience and accessibility of a town. Where I was raised I have always had immediate access to both greenery and the buzz of the city; spoiled? Absolutely! Having eternally claimed I am a city girl, as I get older I appreciate the serenity and magnitude of nature increasingly. Not that I ever envisage myself as a farm lover, I certainly appreciate surrendering the concrete jungle for some much needed fresh air. It is with this aim that I thoroughly make the most of my local common, be it therapeutic walks with my best friend for miles and miles (Kates are we on this weekend?) or energetic runs around the pond, on Saturday or Sunday you’ll find me here.  Upon my last visit I found the pond to be totally frozen over on my morning run only to discover it defrosting hours later as I revisited it en route for coffee with my Dad. A dog walker went to feed the gulls creating a majestic moment with wings spread and blue sky reflecting. I urge you to put down your oyster card and go for a walk when you can. Take a few deep breaths while you’re out there, you’ll be glad you did. Wrap up warm, though.

Hat – Kurt Geiger here

Scarf – Isabel Marant here

Coat – Future Ozbek here

Bag – Urban Outfitters similar here or similar here

Gloves – Marks and Spencer here


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